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Cupholders for Charity


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Sports Media Products and Service

Cup holders Advertising

Cup holders Sponsorships


Be apart of a one of a kind opportunity!

The Cup holder Sponsorship and advertising medium has proven to be one of the most appealing and effective ways to reach new customers and build your brand.


Cupholders offer high visibility and exposure; you have a captive audience for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per event.  Cup holders build relationships directly with consumers, teams, facilities and other sponsors. Consumer Experience Marketing is a great way to build brand loyalty.


It's an opportunity to gain media attention. With multiple impressions initiated by beverage consumption you will have the ability to further reach consumers through additional promotional campaigns. Cup holders offer cost saving multi-facility sponsorship through one-stop shopping along with other valued added services. (Brochure)

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Arena Media Buying and Planning

Score board Buying and Planning in Arenas

Jumbotron Buying and Planning in Arenas

Arena Advertising

Media Buying and Planning

Sports Media, Inc. offers media buying and planning services, we work for ad agencies as well as independent advertisers, placing advertising in stadium and arenas throughout the US. Our database of over 1500 stadium and arenas cover MLB, NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLS, minor leagues, Universities, motor sports, and fairs.
Sports Media knows who to talk to at every level of the sports world. Whether itís facility owner, municipality, management companies, concessions or at the team level. Our private database covers it all. Giving you a faster turn around of information and planning.
Sports media also allows you to use the media plan or we can place the media buy for you.

No one has a more complete database of industry contracts then Sports Media.

Stadium and arenas are a fragmented media, there are no in stadium media measurements and pricing fluctuates from venue to venue. Sports Media breaks down these barriers and delivers the information you want and need fast, saving you thousands of hours in research and costs associated with buying and planning media in stadiums and arenas.

Buying stadium and arena ad space is hard, knowing whom to contract at each sports venue, discovering whether it's the building operator, the city, one of the teams, the concession company, or a management company or an ad agency that has exclusive rights to bathroom ads or trash cans. Itís easy to get lost in the maze, or frustrated; you might just get to the point and tell your clients itís just not worth it. Well it is worth it and we can help.

Sports is Americas past time and loyal fans are everywhere, Sports Media can take the edge off and deliver a media plan that fits your objectives and in a timely manner

Let Sports Media help plan your next campaign and put your brand in the game.

3D lenticular cups

3D Souvenir Collectors Cup


They take it home and keep it forever!

3D Lenticular Cups by Sports Media are excellent promotional products and high impact collectibles. These dishwasher safe cups offer 360į viewing with high quality lenticular 3D imaging. We offer several stock designs, including 12 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz, 32 oz To-Go cup and Thermo Mug. These cups are perfectly suited for sports promotions. 

Add excitement and movement to the cups with 3D, 2 Flip, 3D with Flip, Zoom, Morph, Full Motion Images and our New Image Appear and Disappear Technology. Cups can be fully licensed with MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB Players, NFL Players, and NHL Players. It works best when you combine 3D with small motion, ideal for Stadium and Arena promotions. (Brochure)

Promotional Cup marketingCup Advertising in Stadiums3D Cup Advertising at Events3D Cup Promotional Advertising

Sports Media Mini CD in Cup Lids

Sports Media Mini CD in Cup Lids

Mini CD inserted in 3D Cup Lids
Sports Media exclusive ability to place totally different artwork on each and every mini disc makes the previously impossible both practical and affordable. This unique capability has a wide range of applications in sports, entertainment and many other industries.

With the millions and millions of people that attend sporting events or other forms of  large venue entertainment in mind, Sports Media developed the SM Mini CD inserted in 3D cup lids. Event sponsors and venues can now establish a ď1-2-1Ē online relationship with any event attendee. This creates a whole new world of marketing opportunities by placing a targeted, interactive, trackable message in the hands of thousands along with a 3D Souvenir Collectors Cup. (Brochure)

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3D Graphics Billboard Size

3D Graphics Billboard Size


Increase Sales

High-impact graphics increase sales. Imagine a 3D graphic showing a model striking different poses as a customer moves their viewing angle. Imagine live action morphing of images. Show a product demonstration with stop action sequencing. 3D graphics are adaptable to light boxes, fixtures, display cases, sign holders, and much more.


Lenticular 3D graphics is the process whereby you add dimension and/or motion to your printed marketing displays. "Lenticular" means "pertaining to lenses," and "lenticules" are the plastic lenses that create the illusion of dimension in depth imaging. Placing special lenses, or "lenticules," over a two dimensional print allows the eye to simultaneously view alternating sections of multiple images. 

Large format 3D graphics easily combine up to five images or more into a single graphic to convey depth, motion, or both. Photo images. Digital artwork. Stop action sequences. Your wildest creations.


Excess Ad Space Listing & Auction On-Line Service

Excess Ad Space Listing & Auction On-Line Service


Going Going Gone!

Now Stadium and Arena Managers can meet Media Buyers and Planners in an on-line auction environment. Facility Managers can simply list available Ad Space or auction it off. Sports Media puts our Media Reps to work the moment a new listing gets placed.


Sports Media maintains a database of Facilities and 5500 Media Buyers and Planners, so when a Facilities/Teams needs a little help, Sports Media can make a match.

There are no fees to list Excess Ad Space, Sponsorship and Promotional Opportunities. The media seller pays a low agency commission only when Sports Media completes the sale.

Stadium Cup holder Labels Cupholder Labels

Cupholder labels are an intricate part of any cupholder sponsorship and Sports Media has over 15 years experience in producing cup holder banners.

Sports Media's banners are tear proof, graffiti proof, UV protected and have a special bonding agent to prevent there removal, they last for years.

Sports Media can also provide a full service installation staff to replace existing banners or simply install new ones. (Brochure)

Sponsorships Packaging



Put Your Company Name on It!

Build your brand with a Sponsorship, weather its with Professional Sports Facility or Simi-Pro Venues, Sports Media can locate and negotiate the right deal for your brand. At the same time we enable sponsors to pursue a variety of sponsorship opportunities anonymously and select their own level of commitment from naming rights to a one day promotion. Sponsorships are a valuable means for new advertising, name reinforcement, prestige and great public relations.


For Stadium's and Arena's! Let Sports Media offer your next sports sponsorship opportunity. With our vast network of media reps we can match you up with the right sponsor. We provide organizations seeking funding an effective solution for expanding their sponsorship requests to a larger audience.  

Weather its naming rights or a special promotion Sports Media can make the right match. Sponsorship is a tool that enables companies to expand their visibility in certain markets. It allows them to inform consumers about new products and services. Sports Media can make that happen, so contact us today.

Security and Interactive Advertising Cups

Security and Interactive Advertising Cups


Cup Counts and Refills

Sports Media is bring a new inventory control system to concessions, a new security and interactive advertising cup will hit the stadium business in 2005. Concession managers have had two problems when it comes to beverage control, the first problem is recounting used cup and the second is free refills.


This new patent pending technology helps solve these problems with both a thermo chromatic and hydro chromatic ink and printing process. Here's how it works, the cup is a single color or clear, when a beverage is poured in the cup, the condensation causes a permanent color change. This allowing for easy identification of refills without letting a used cup be recounted in your inventory.  

For the advertiser it offers an interactive advertising experience to the consumer. The consumer will watch the cup change and get a very good look at the advertising while appreciating the advertiserís creativity and technology! Wow! The advertiser can run promotions with special codes that only appear after the cup has been filled. The marketing opportunities could be endless! Stay tuned for the release date or complete our feedback form for early notification.

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