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Sports Media Digital and Concession Products


Digital in sports is here, Sports Media manages digital advertising network in sports venues. Advertisers are looking for new fresh ideas that communicate with their customers, ideas that can produce direct response and reach potential customers with a passion for sports. Weather you looking for major league sports, minor league sports, collegiate or NASCAR we have great news for you.

Sports Media Team Mascot Kiosk
Sports Fans have more ways to interact with Team Mascots, reading the LED message, watching video, interacting with trivia and games, having their picture taken and have that picture emailed or sent to a Sports Fan cell phone. All this interaction deliver branded messages and build a database for future marketing. Call Sports Media today and find out how you can participate. 
►LED Display Board has the capability to offer Advertisers, services like branded live news feeds, sports scores, and weather information in stadiums or arenas. 
►32” Fully Enclosed Display allows for full audio and video. Advertisers can build a database through text messaging running trivia and interactive games. Along with sending branded messages to cell phones 
►24’ Fully Enclosed Touch Screen Display allows advertisers to yet build another database of email address and send branded messages as customers have their picture taken with a stadium backdrop and sent to their email address or cell phone

Sports Mobile Marketing

As interactive sports fan ask for more ways to be engaged in stadiums and arenas, Sports Media answered the call with mobile marketing programs. Mobile marketing can now be activated with several of Sports Media products, including; SportsMedia.TV, Jumbotron, concession trays, SM TV Network and the new cup holder Stand In insert. Engage the  fan with coupons, interactive downloads, trivia/voting, contests, interactive picture voting, sponsored game updates, ringtones and wallpapers. Every fan brings their ticket, car keys and  a cell phone, to the game.

Sports Media Stadium Concession Trays

Sports Media Stadium Concession Trays!

The number one used tray in all of sports. These unique food and drink trays can provide a marketing message throughout the country in MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NHL, NBA stadiums and arenas. Concession Trays are just the thing to give the advertisers’ message a refreshing boost. The Sports Media Tray can be used for branding, couponing, and even for sampling! With a 80% take home rate when use as a coupon and 16 brand impressions per tray.

THE STAND-IN™ is an innovative patented card that uses friction and heavy cardstock to independently stand upright and securely to any cup-holder. The base is perforated, acting like a stand, curving around the inside of the cup-holder. The Stand-In’s entire surface is printable and the card and base separate, on the perforation, for dual functionality. It is designed not to block the cup-holder and is easy to install ….. And it is even easier to take home.

CD-ROMs on Cup Lids

CD-ROMs on Cup Lids

Creative and innovative method for advertisers to deliver a targeted message to thousands of like minded, enthusiastic prospects. Enhance customer loyalty by delivering an interactive fan appreciation commemorative Track and produce reports on CD behavior, web activity and gather accurate e-mail database information. CD’s can be co-branded with Team or Event licensing. Available in 32oz, 44oz & 64oz. cup CD lids

3D lenticular promotional cup

They take it home and keep it forever!

Souvenir Plastic Cups by Sports Media are excellent promotional products and high impact collectibles. These dishwasher safe cups offer 360° viewing with high quality lenticular 3D imaging. Consumer keep these collectibles forever giving our Sponsors long lasting brand impressions. With a 97% take home rate and 28 brand impressions per beverage.

Photographic Cups  |  Plastic Cups  |  Color Change Cups  | 

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Stadium Cupholder

Cup Holders, a Great Branding Opportunity!

The Cupholder Sponsorship and advertising medium has proven to be one of the most appealing and effective ways to reach new customers and build your brand. Sports Media places Cupholders and a NEW Sponsor in Venues Nationwide.

Shopping Cart Cupholder with advertising

Wherever Shopping Carts are Used!

Shopping Cart Cup Holders provide a powerful effective and efficient advertising media. Consumer Convenience Reflects Positively On Your Brand and delivers huge captive audience at point of sale. Constant exposure to your advertising as shoppers use: beverage, coupons, calculator, shopping lists, and more. Its always in front of them.

cup holder banners

Cupholder Labels!

Cupholder labels are an interracial part of any cup holder sponsorship and Sports Media has over 15 years experience in producing cup holder banners, these banners are tear proof, graffiti proof, UV protected and have a special bonding agent to prevent there removal, they last for years.  

Sports Media can also provide a full service installation staff to replace existing banners or simply install new ones.

Customize CD Event Tickets CDs & DVDs

Customize CD Event Tickets CDs & DVDs!

Sports Media exclusive ability to place totally different artwork on each and every mini disc makes the previously impossible both practical and affordable. This unique capability has a wide range of applications in sports, entertainment and many other industries.

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