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June 1, 2009


Kosth resigns as CEO

Quad Cities, IL – JUNE 1, 2009: Dan Kosth, CEO and architect of Sports Media today announced he will resign as CEO effective June 30, 2009. Kosth which help build this company from the ground up made a brief statement to reporters. Kosth stated "I feel my time to move on has come and I look forward to new endeavors in the sports world". There had been reports that Kosth and the board of directors disagreed on the companies direction.


April 6, 2009


SeeSaw Networks Announces Partnership With Sports Media Inc. to Expand Leadership in Sports Venues
Advertisers Can Now Reach Sports Fans With Digital Advertising in Stadiums and Arenas


SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 6, 2009) - SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of place-based digital video advertising, today announced that Sports Media Inc. ( has joined SeeSaw's national network of advertising affiliates that reaches consumers out and about in their everyday lives. Sports Media Inc. is an extensive national network of digital video advertising on Jumbotrons and television screens at sporting venues, including Major League and Minor League Baseball stadiums, NHL and AHL arenas, NBA arenas, Arena Football 2 (AF2) arenas and NASCAR speedways. The partnership expands SeeSaw's network leadership in sports and entertainment marketing, providing brand managers with the most extensive and innovative opportunities to reach sports enthusiasts and families on the go at sports events nationwide. (Full Story)

Digital Signs Today

November 14, 2008

Sports Media Offers Stadiums & Arenas Total Turn-Key Digital Advertising Solution

Sports Media, Inc. announced today that it will now offer sports teams a total turn-key digital advertising solution for their stadiums and arenas.  Sports Media will provide installation and back-end technical support for the following five exclusive digital ad vehicles and will also include participating teams in its national advertising network.  (Full Story)



September 8, 2008


Your client hanging with football fans There are lots of ways to reach folks who attend games

Football season is again upon us, and for marketers it's one of the best ways to reach the affluent, largely male audience that attends college and professional games.

And their options extend well beyond the signage surrounding the playing field, to include ads on food trays and cups, at seats, in concourses and restrooms, and even in parking lots before the games.
(Full Story)

Press Release

August 8, 2008

Sports Media to introduce the STAND-IN™ at major sporting venues

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 8, 2008: ArmsLength Promotions Inc. (ALP), the creators of THE STAND-IN™, an innovative patented media card that transforms the cup holder into an advertising space located within easy reach of patrons inviting them to interact directly with promotional programs, today announced that it had signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Sports Media Inc. (SMI), a full-service marketing agency specializing in live sports and sports-related medias. The announcement was made today by Matt Faulkner, President of ALP. (Full Story)


June 3, 2008


Sports Media inks deal with arenafootball2 league

 SMI to handle all league-wide sponsorship responsibilities and provide in-office staff.
(Silvis, IL) – “We’re absolutely thrilled with the new relationship we’ve formed with the arenafootball2 league,” said Dan Kosth, CEO of Silvis-based Sports Media, Inc. (SMI), a full-service marketing agency specializing in live-sports and sports-related medias.  “The af2 presents a great opportunity for sponsors who want to gain a national marketing footprint but can’t afford a multi-million dollar deal with a major, professional league.” (Full Story)


April 17, 2008


Sports Media Fields Horse Track Ad Net

-By Shahnaz Mahmud

NEW YORK Sports Media has created the Sports Media Thoroughbred Television Network, which will serve advertisements to 252,000 TV monitors in 120 tracks across the U.S. throughout the 2008 racing season.

In addition to partnering with horse tracks, the network includes dog tracks, off-track betting facilities and casinos. (Full Story)

Press Release

March 18, 2008

Sports Media launches new digital, out-of-home ad network

SMI’s  Thoroughbred Television Network will provide advertising messages to racing fans at 120 tracks around the nation throughout the 2008 season.
(Silvis, IL) – Dan Kosth, CEO of Silvis-based Sports Media, Inc. (SMI), a full-service, sports marketing agency specializing in live-sports and sports-related medias has announced the launch of the Sports Media Thoroughbred Television Network.  The venture will serve advertisements ranging from :15 to 3:30 to approximately 252,000 television monitors located in tracks around the country throughout the 2008 racing season.  (Full Story)

Press Release


March 11, 2008

Sports Media gets Savvy

Sports media and marketing firm forms alliance with Pittsburgh-based creative boutique. (Silvis, IL) – Dan Kosth, CEO of Silvis-based Sports Media, Inc. (SMI), a full-service marketing agency specializing in live-sports and sports-related medias, announced his company’s newly-formed partnership with the Savvy Group.  The resulting creative boutique will be known as “Savvy Sports Media.”  (Full Story)


Out of Home

January 28, 2008



Your client with seats at the big game

Cup-holder ads will get exposure at Super Bowl

Super Bowl ads are notorious pricey--millions for a half-minute. And while there's scattered guerilla stunts in the area of the stadium, only big-budget advertisers gain exposure inside the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

There's one exception: branded cup holders.  (Full Story)


December 15, 2007


Honda Taps Sports Media Jumbotron Network in NHL Venues

Honda will started a campaign with Sports Media in selected cities across the United States for the new Honda Ridgeline.  Sports Media put them in fourteen arenas for the second half of the NHL season.  Four 15 second spots on the Sports Media Jumbotron Network as well as LED logo placement and P.A. announcements are part of their media package. 


October 1, 2007


DirecTV Promotes Big 10 Network

Sports Media worked with Direct TV during the 2007 NCAA Football season advertising the Big 10 Network.  The new TV station Big 10 Network promotes college sports by using the slogan Turn away games into Home games branding with Direct TV and their promotion of four free months of their best TV package.  Sports Media used concession tray branding at the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota to complete the campaign.   


June 1, 2007


Fairfield Inn returns to NASCAR Tracks

Sports Media just completed a deal with Fairfield Inn running advertising at NASCAR Tracks.  Fairfield Inn chose to advertise on Sports Media's Jumbotron Network as well as Sports Media's TV Network in NASCAR covering over 600 TV set at the raceway.  The TV Network allowed Fairfield Inn access to advertise to suite holders as well as all the other fans.  The campaign ran from June to November in Thirteen Nextel NASCAR Track race weekends. 

Baltimore Business Journal

May 4,2007


Sticking with the ballclub

by Ryan Sharrow

When Reverse Mortgage Team owner Curt Mitchell was looking for a place to advertise his year-old company, he wanted to reach a loyal audience.

Mitchell, whose Baltimore company offers reverse mortgages to people age 62 and over, scoured local outlets before choosing the Baltimore Orioles as his medium. (Full Story)


March 30, 2007


CHICAGO – The arenafootball2 league and Havoc Distribution, Inc. have teamed up on an exclusive, multi-year partnership that designates HAVOC Energy Drink as the Official Energy Drink of arenafootball2 and its member teams. HAVOC Energy Drink will be distributed and sold as a co-branded energy drink bearing the league’s and teams’ trademarks and logos.  

With this unique partnership agreement, the af2 will leverage existing In-Market relationships with drink distributors to support Havoc in growth of their distribution network nationwide. In 2007, the first year of this partnership, Havoc will produce and distribute HAVOC Energy Drink in a minimum 10 of the league’s 30 markets. (Full Story)


March 15, 2007

Sports Media and Chryon to create private in-stadium TV network

Sports Media has announced the partnership with Chyron Corporation’s (OTC BB: CYRO) ChyTV Unit as its Preferred Partner and exclusive provider of digital video equipment and control center operations for the new Stadiums and Arenas TV Network.   

With Chyron’s ChyTV product line providing the infrastructure, software, and backbone technology for managing the Network, Sports Media will have the opportunity to setup one of the largest private in-stadium sports TV networks in the world.  Advertisers will have one place to go to get their message out to numerous stadiums and arenas, allowing advertisers to target loyal sports fans where they live, play, and spend... (Full Story)


January 1, 2007


American Family Insurance Starts Recruiting Drive in Sports Venues

American Family Insurance went on a recruiting drive.  Sports Media was there to help.  From January to March of 2007 American Family Insurance advertised on Jumbotrons, LED's, and used Kiosks to hand out literature and applications in the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) and St. Louis Blues (NHL) territory. 


By Tim Lemke

December 21, 2006

Exploding Scoreboards

Some stadium operators have turned to larger displays as a way of consolidating all of a game's information onto one board rather than have separate screens for different content.

"Traditionally, you used to see video replays on a separate board from scores and statistics," Foster said. "Now it's all integrated into a single system."

While teams are spending millions of dollars on these displays, they expect to earn that money back in increased advertising opportunities. The new displays are usually constructed to allow for advertising signs on the perimeter -- fans at Texas have derided the "Godzillatron" for its excessive signage -- and the higher quality of the video can allow teams to sell full-fledged commercials.

"It's big because now you can get creative and deliver a more important message," said Dan Kosth, CEO of Sports Media, a Silvis, Ill., company that helps plan stadium advertising, including campaigns for large video displays. "Entertainment is more important to advertisers because they don't want it to be where advertising is in your face. The days of static signage are fading away."  Full Story


November 1, 2006

Rookie Pilot Gets National Sponsor

Early this year Sports Media entered a multi-year agreement to represent Spencer Suderman.  Sports Media partnered the rookie pilot and his plane up with a new sponsor, HAVOC Energy Drink. 

Spencer Suderman’s plane received a makeover with HAVOC emblazed across its wings and the energy drinks exciting slogan, “Disrupt the Ordinary” a perfect motto for the plane and its pilot who later this year will be attempting a new world record in Flat spins (The current record was set in 1978).  The plane and its pilot will debut at the Camarillo Air show in August 2006.   

Plans are already underway for a presentation at ten additional Air Shows in 2007.


September 17, 2006

Castrol To Re-Enter NASCAR with Cup Promotion

Castrol GTX has chosen to use Sports Media souvenir cups to promote GTX oil production by passing out over one million high end souvenir photo cups at NASCAR race tracks.  The campaign started in September at the New Hampshire International Speedway and continued to move to Dover, Talladega, Lowes Motor Speedway, Atlanta, Texas, and Miami. 

“This is the first time in years Castrol has run any campaigns at the tracks and Sports Media is looking forward to expanding our campaign throughout the next few years.” said Dan Kosth, CEO Sports Media.

Sports Business Journal

August 14, 2006


Energy Drink Brings Some Havoc to Campus

Havoc Energy Drink is using a collection of multimedia partnerships with several college conferences to help launch its new product.

Havoc, which was acquired in May by American Enterprise Development Corp., already has signed deals with the Big West Conference, Conference USA, Missouri Valley Conference and other mid-major leagues as the official water/tea/energy drink, which is a new category for most of the conferences. It is not considered a competitor to Gatorade in the performance drink category.

These conference deals range from three to five years in length with a value of anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 annually. Havoc will activate with signs at conference championship events and also will sponsor public service announcements, as well as own the naming rights to a variety of player-of-the-week awards. The drink has full use of the conferences’ marks and also picks up space on conference Web sites.

Sports Media Inc., Chicago, negotiated the deal for Havoc and will handle the activation.


July 15, 2006


DirecTV Increases Market Share by 12% 

DirecTV reported to Sports Media that they had a 12% increase in subscribers in and around the Washington DC area as a direct effort of their baseball campaign presented by Sports Media. DirecTV used a combination of Concession Tray advertising and the Sports Media Jumbotron Network.


July 1, 2006


Orange County Social Services Promotes Adoptions

Sports Media put Orange County Social Services ads in the Los Angeles Angels program guide in June and July of 2007.  The OCSS was promoting adoption in their county and the baseball ads were "A perfect outlet for their advertising" said Dan Kosth CEO of Sports Media.     


June 13, 2006


Smoke Free New York uses Concession Trays in Shea Stadium 

New York – For the next few months the New York City Coalition For A Smoke Free City will use the Sports Media Concession Tray at Shea Stadium to deliver their message. 

The message will be delivered to thousands of Mets fans in an effort to reducing smoking in New York City. The Sports Media Concession Trays have an average of twelve impressions per tray with a cost well under two cents per impression. Said Dan Kosth CEO Sports Media, Inc. 

The Sports Media Concession Trays offered the Smoke Free New York Campaign to get off to a fast start by delivering the trays within two weeks of the order.


June 1, 2006


Micron Starts Recruitment Drive

Micron Technology, Inc. the computer manufacturing company that specializes in memory solutions based out of Idaho is on a recruiting drive.  Sports Media put together a recruitment campaign for Micron to run from June 1, 2006 to June 1, 2007.  Micron Banners will appear on the first and third base lines of the Pontiac Nationals in Woodbridge, Virginia encouraging people to apply for jobs at Micron.  


May 30, 2006


Paramount’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour Hits NASCAR 

Paramount Home Entertainment will utilize the Sports Media Jumbotron Network at NASCAR’s Milwaukee Mile and Infineon Raceways to promote the release of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour “Last Time Revised” a series of 15 second spots will run throughout the race weekends to promote the new DVD release.




AT&T to Run on the Sports Media Jumbotron Network in MLB Ballparks

AT&T will be promoting the new website giving an inside view of the lifestyles of professional athletes.  The campaign is scheduled to start in July and run to the end of the season of the Los Angeles Angels and Cleveland Indians. Thirty second commercials will run on the ballpark Jumbotrons. 

The AT&T commercial will feature MLB players including Derrick Lee, Nomar Garciaparra, Albert Pojols, and David Ortiz.   

Once on the AT&T website viewers can learn more about other Athletes lives from Baseball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, and Golf.


April 11, 2006



Sports Media Plans DirecTV Campaign 

Washington D.C. – DirecTV will launch an advertising campaign with the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team this season, in an effort to gain market share over Comcast. DirecTV is using the Sports Media Jumbotron Network to sponsor features on the big screen, in addition DirecTV will utilize the Sports Media Concession Tray promoting the 162 Nationals games fans can watch on DirecTV verse Comcast 40 broadcast games.


April 4, 2006



World Cup Soccer Hits a Home Run with the Sports Media Jumbotron Network in MLB Parks 

ESPN taped the Sports Media Jumbotron Network in twelve Major League Baseball Parks to promote ESPN upcoming broadcast of World Cup Soccer in the month of May. 

For the first time in history Soccer will be promoted in Major League Baseball Parks. Sports Media convinced twelve MLB teams including the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, that it would be healthy for both Sports to cross promote Soccer and Baseball. 

The campaign was spear headed by Sports Media CEO, Dan Kosth who convinced teams that ESPN World Cup would not hinder Sports Marketing efforts but help promote unity in professional sports. 

ESPN will run a 30 second commercial both pre-game and in-game supported by PA announcement and LED boards, all highlighting the USA Soccer Team.


March 22, 2006


Sports Media to Create Some HAVOC

Silvis, IL. – Sports Media announced today that they have entered a multi year agreement to exclusively represent HAVOC Energy Drink.

Sports Media will be our agency of record for the next five years in an effort to secure Sports Sponsorships for HAVOC Energy Drink as well as our Water and Tea products, said Andre Nicholson Vice Present of Marketing. 

HAVOC Distribution LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Enterprise Development Corporation (AEND). 

Sports Media will seek Sports Sponsorships in college and professional sports to include use of team logos to privately brand the HAVOC Energy Drink. Sports Media will also be responsible for all aspects of the sponsorship and activation.


March 13, 2006


High Impact, Low Cost Advertising in Stadiums and Arenas 

Chicago, IL. – Pactiv Corp (PTV) Lake Forest, IL and Sports Media, Inc. Silvis, IL. Have entered an agreement to deliver Concession Tray with ad messages to a Stadium and Arenas near you. 

Pactiv manufactures concession trays using molded fiber, the most popular concession tray in the industry. 

The Concession Tray has a 4x6 water proof ad insert or coupon, placed in the center of the tray and is delivered to fans when they purchase food and beverage in Stadium and Arenas, the advertisement is easy to take off and take home. The initial studies show that twelve impressions per tray are not uncommon. 

Sports Media continues to seek out new and effective media vehicles in sports and partnered with Pactiv to place advertising on the concession tray. While this is nothing new in sports, the fact is we now have the number one tray in the concession business and Sports Media relationship with the sporting business and a very low cost means to distribute advertising, the cost of the tray with the advertising is half the cost of any competitor. Said Dan Kosth, CEO of Sports Media, Inc. 

Stadiums can use up to 1.2 million Concession Trays per season, with the concession tray program we can change advertising on the fly and deliver to market much faster them other forms of outdoor advertising. Advertising have already signed on to the program in MLB, NBA and NHL venues Kosth said. 

Pactiv is excited about the opportunity to work with Sports Media, and look forward to growing the idea with them, said Terry Mabus, Marketing Manager, Pactiv.


March 1, 2006

Indy Colts Strike Oil With Lucas

NEW YORK -- The NFL's Indianapolis Colts said today they have signed a 20-year, $122 million deal with Lucas Oil Products for naming rights to the team's new domed stadium. The stadium is currently under construction and is expected to open for the 2008 season, when the deal would kick in.

The California-based oil company's logo will be on the sides and roof of the stadium and on various places inside, including cup-holders.
Full Story

24-7 Press Release

February 15, 2006

No More Spills in LA, Advertisers Score Big

Los Angeles --- The Los Angeles Dodgers will be providing Stadium Cup Holders to fans for the first time. Dodger Stadium is one of the last MLB teams to install cup holders but their doing it up right. 

The Dodgers will be the first MLB Park to install Sports Media Caddy I Bathroom cup holders sponsored by advertising. The cup holders mount on wall and stalls and are branded with sponsors logos.  Full Story


February 10, 2006


The National Armwrestling League (NAL) Selects Sports Media for Representation 

Sports Media has entered a multi year agreement to represent the National Armwrestling League. Sports Media will seek out sponsors and plan three national events, The NAL Open Championship, The NAL National Championship and The NAL World Championship Tournament. 

The NAL has gained a lot of recondition over the past year with the NAL Championships successful broadcast on ESPN with a .78 rating. ESPN ran rebroadcasts of the show on ESPN and ESPN2 some seventy times with ratings ranging from .32 to .78. 

Sports Media will plan the events, select the locations and seek out a long term broadcast deal in addition to finding sponsors.


January 23, 2006

Sports Media offers Airplane and Aerobatic Pilot Sponsorship

Sports Media and Spencer Suderman Air Shows have entered a multi-year agreement. The agreement will include a presence at nine annual air shows in the western half of the United States.  

One of the best-kept secrets is now out – in the last millennium, air shows were the second most popular spectator sport in North America! Over 26 million people attend more than 400 air shows annually. During the past decade, air shows drew nearly twice the attendance figures of NFL football! Air shows deliver significant and measurable results for everyone, from mature product marketers with broad customer bases, to new product marketers to those with specialized or niche customer bases. Whatever your marketing objective – moving product, building recognition, enhancing or positioning brand image – air shows can help you accomplish your goals. (Source ICAS) ... Full Story


January 5, 2006


Sports Media Releases Officially Licensed Authentic Stadium Cup holders

Today, Sports Media, Inc. the stadium advertising, planning and media buying company, mostly known for its niche market of helping teams brand ads on more than fifteen million stadium cup holders,  launched a new website for the consumer sale of Authentic Stadium Cup Holders. ( 

SportsMedia and its cup holder partner Caddy Product, Inc (Thousand Palms, California) replace about 4,000 cup holders in stadiums every year. Why? Because fans want them as a souvenir. 

In a strategic alliance with Caddy Products, Inc. the cup holder manufacturer, HMG, Inc., Lexington, Kentucky provided the licensing and Sports Media is the license holder and exclusive cup holder distributor. Now offer the sports Fan a piece of history. The retail price of cup holders starts at $9.95.  Full Story

Sports Media

December 3, 2005

Sports Media enters two year Sponsorship deal with Discovery’s Military Channel

Sports Media shall perform sponsorship duties for the next two years for the Discovery’s Military Channel at the Army/Navy games in Philadelphia. Some of the Sponsorship elements include Jumbotron Ads, LED Displays, Promotional Give-a-ways, and Hospitality.


Outside of the sponsorship agreement, but included in the game day activities, Discovery’s Military Channel will broadcast a two hour pre-game.
Sports Media also included two charities to help execute the sponsorship staffing which included Operation Gratitude and Variety the Children’s Charity of Philadelphia.

The Sponsorship of game one was a great success, thanks in part to the staff at Discovery’s Military Channel, the Charities and the Philadelphia Sports Congress, said Dan Kosth, of Sports Media who handled the sponsorship.

Sports Media

November 1, 2005

Boeing Starts Recruiting Drive using Jumbotron in Sports Venues
Boeing Human Resources has taped into Sports Media Jumbotron Network to start a recruiting drive.
Starting in November, 30 second Jumbotron ads and LED Video boards ads will be running at the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri home of the NHL Blues Hockey Club for the entire season. Jumbotron ads will also be running in our Nations Capital at the MCI Center for all events including the Washington Capitals NHL team and the Washington Wizards NBA team for the next 90 day promoting

As a special send off to college football Boeing will be running a Jumbotron spot at this years UCLA vs. USC rivalry at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Sports Media

October 18, 2005

NASA Office of Public Affairs Strategic Alliances Issues Sports Media letter of Intent.

NASA's Interest in Pursuing Collaboration with Sports Media, Inc., to Create a Lenticular Cup and Compact Disk to Provide Information about the NASA STEREO Mission.

NASA’s Letter of Intent confirms that NASA intends to negotiate in good faith, a non-funded space act agreement with Sports Media, Inc., to pursue an innovative method of disseminating information about NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) mission, now scheduled to launch July 2006, by the distribution of a 3-D lenticular cup with a CD affixed to the lid.


This intention is dependent on Sports Media, Inc. offering appropriate cosponsors that meet the approval of the NASA Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs. These possible sponsors must reflect values that complement NASA's and be "family friendly." If the NASA Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs approves the sponsors, NASA intends to proceed with the negotiations toward a space act agreement for Sports Media, Inc. to produce and distribute approximately 5 million units of the product.


Sports Media will distribute the 3D Cup and CD Lid in Quick Service Restaurants, Convenient Stores and Theatres through the county.

Sports Media

September 10, 2005

Dodgers and Mets to host My Name is Earl Day.

Sports Media arranged the promotional days in LA and NY. The promotion will include cast members throwing out the first pitch, Koozie give-a-ways and video girls walking the stadium with “My Name is Earl” highlights. Sports Media also placed the media buy to run 30 second trailers in-game and pre-game for the new TV show, the campaign runs through September.

Sports Media

September 1, 2005

Sports Media will be distributing licensed retail Cupholders. Sports Media, Caddy products and Hunter Manufacture Group partner for the release of home use Authentic Stadium Cupholders. Caddy Products will manufacture the cupholders; Hunter Manufacture Group is licensing Sports Media with the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. The Cupholders will have team logos and the league shields on them.

August 10, 2005

Sports Media handles distribution of Holiday Greeting cards in Philadelphia for the Military Channel.

Sports Media along with the Philadelphia Sports Congress, Variety International, Operation Gratitude and the Army-Navy game authority will place Holiday Greeting cards in 70,000 Cupholders; the cards will then be shipped over seas with care packages to US Troops.

August 3, 2005

Special Olympics selected as Charity in Lancaster for the Cupholders for Charity program.

Sports Media and the Lancaster Jet Hawks will raise money for Special Olympic by offering “Cupholders for Charity” Put Your Name in the Game. Sports fans can sponsor a cupholder with the charities, teams and the fans name on the cupholder.


July 28, 2005

Quake fans – now you have a chance to “Put Your Name in the Game”

We would like to invite you to take advantage of the “Cupholders for Charity” program, which affords you the opportunity “Put Your Name In The Game” and help fund programs for the special needs of others in our community, through the placement of a personalized banner on each cupholder in The Epicenter. For a donation of $20, a banner with the logos of the Quakes, Big Brothers Big Sisters ( and Hope Through Housing Foundation ( and the name of your choice will be placed on a cupholder in the stadium for the remainder of the 2005 season and all of the 2006 season... Full Story

July 20, 2005

Bathroom Cupholders to hit a stadium near you.

Sports Media is now offering the Concession Caddy, a cupholder that can be conveniently mounted at concession stand condiment areas and in bathrooms. Teams can brand them with sponsor advertising or team and league logos.

July 11, 2005

NBC Entertainment hires Sports Media to help launch new TV series.

For the first time in MLB, Sports Media arrange for 30 second Jumbotron ads to run in-game. NBC new TV Comedy “My Name is Earl” staring Jason Lee will be viewed in New York and Los Angeles from August 15 through the end of the season. Teams participating where the LA Dodgers, LA Angels, NY Yankees and NY Mets.

July 7, 2005

Discovery’s Military Channel chooses Sports Media to handle Sponsorship.

The Military Channel will sponsor the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia for the next two years along with the sponsorship the Military will host a two hour pre-game show to highlight academy life.

July 1, 2005

Cupholder Ads Are The Hottest Medium In Sports.

With 3 hours of branding exposure and collectively the largest advertising in the stadium, cupholders are proving to be a great success with fan.

June 17, 2005

Collegiate Images selects Sports Media as Official Licensee Representative.

Collegiate Images, LLC (“CI”) is the centralized licensing and rights clearance agency that manages the distribution of archived moving and still images along with the trademarks depicted within such imagery for colleges, universities, conferences, Bowl games and broadcast rights holders. Sports Media, Inc. has been officially Licensed by CI for the use of CI archival video and still images along with various CI partner logos to create Sports Media, Inc.  Media products for advertising, marketing and other Promotional uses. Sports Media has authority to re-licensee any companies products or CD promotions.

June 16, 2005

Sports Media and Global Spectrum team up at Kemper Arena for “Cupholders for Charity”. 

The Emilie Rosebud Diabetes Research Foundation was selected as the Charity to benefit form the program. The Emilie Rosebud Diabetes Research Foundation was founded in 1998 with the sole mission of finding a cure for diabetes.  Funds are contributed through individuals, foundation, companies and fund-raising events.  Contributions received are “ALL” used specifically to fund research to specific doctors and clinics which are working on ground breaking research to cure diabetes.


June 4, 2005

Wranglers Launch Unique Fundraiser for Children’s Charity

Wichita, Kan. – “Put your name in the game!”  With the help of the “boys of summer,” Wichita residents and others now have the opportunity to put their name onto Lawrence Dumont stadium AND help local children.  Variety the Children’s Charity and the Wichita Wranglers today launched “Cupholders for Charity” -- a program that attracts charitable funding through the sale of mounted stadium seat cupholders in Lawrence Dumont Stadium.  Members of the Wrangler team and staff, along with team Mascot “Wilbur” will unveil their personalized cupholders today... Full Story

May 18, 2005

Variety the Children’s Charity joins Sports Media as the National Charity for “Cupholders for Charity”.

Variety International - The Children's Charity’s commitment to improving the lives of children is accomplished by offering financial assistance and support to organizations and agencies that benefit children in need. Funding is also used to provide needed medical services or equipment for seriously ill and physically challenged children. “Cupholders For Charity” offer us a great opportunity to get the word out said Jane Brody, Variety International Executive Director.

May 1, 2005 Minor League Teams sign on for “Cupholders for Charity”. The Wichita Wranglers, Midland Texas Rockhounds, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and Lancaster California Jet Hawks will offer Cupholders for Charity. Charities to be announced.

April 27, 2005

Sports Media launches Cupholders for Charity.

Sports Media new concept of generating new revenue for teams and raising money for charities using cause marketing to have a large impact in sports. Visit for details

April 4, 2005

Sports Media to offer StareWays AdStep in professional sports.

Sports Media and StareWays team up to offer AdStep advertising on stairs in professional sports, This new and innovative medium will reach the advertiser’s target in a way that delivers strong brand presence while conveying a powerful message. People see a single image and are able to focus on that one message because of the distinct way it is being viewed.

February 25, 2005

3D Lenticular Cups hit it big at Spurs, Mavericks, Bucks and Rockets games.

SBC Communication sponsored 3D cups and CD lids in four NBA markets to promote Home Court, a NBA player’s lifestyle TV show.

February 15, 2005

Sports Media and Disc Marketing partner to create DMI/Sports Media.

The partnership was established to create original content for Sports Media CD products with include Hip Top CD lids and CD Tickets.


November 22, 2004


Sports Media, Inc., a media buying and planning Sports Marketing Agency, rolls out CD’s on cup lids. The CD Lid will enhance the Sports Media Concession Product line which includes cup holders, souvenir cups and carrying trays. Sports Media wants to enhance advertising in Stadiums and Arenas throughout the United States by providing a medium that gives advertisers a faster response rate and the availability to measure and collect consumer data. Full Story


November 16, 2004


Sports Media, Inc., a Sports Marketing Agency, is expanding its services to include media buying and planning. Sports Media shall provide this service to ad agencies as well as independent advertisers, who want to place advertising in Stadium and Arenas throughout the United States... Full Story

June 23, 2004

Sports Media to offer Media Buying Service in over 1575 sports and recreation facilities. Sports Media will capitalize on it relationship with sports and recreations facilities by offering media services to Advertising Agencies as well as Independent advertisers.

Venues Today

June 15, 2004



Cup holders and stadium trays plastered with sponsor messages, the latest trend in in-venue advertising, are being ordered by the hundreds of thousands across the country. "It is the only ad space [inside venues] that provides a positive experience for the user," said Dan Kosth, CEO for Sports Media, Inc., a company that connects potential advertisers with concessionaires and venues...Full Story

February 1, 2004


Sports Media taps concession products as an untapped medium in sports.

Media opportunity included cups, CD Lids and concession trays. Advertisers now have a short term option to brand their products and services by using concession products.


January 18, 2004

SIXTEEN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAMS AND BALLPARKS SEEK CUPHOLDER SPONSORS          Sports Media, Inc. released the names of Major League Baseball teams and ballparks that are seeking cupholder sponsors for the 2004 season. Sponsors are expected to enter into multi-stadium, multi-year deals. Sports Media expects to sell out by the end February to meet Major League Baseball’s opening day...Full Story

Venues Today

January 14, 2004

HOUSTON — Eight years of R&D is about to pay off for Sports Media Inc. with the introduction, hopefully by this summer, of an inventory control drink cup for concessionaires that cannot be reused, according to an announcement made by company... Full Story
ABC SPORTS TV NEW YORK: "The Georgia Dome rising from the horizon."
"...and one of the things they don't have at Eiffel Tower. Each of the 71,000 seats have a convenient holder for your drink cup. Just one of the fabulous features of the Georgia Dome..."
U.S.A. TODAY VIRGINIA: "ABC ready /or Georgia Dome debut"
"ABC will carry the first game played in Atlanta's Georgia Dome. Direct Larry Kaman... says that because all 71,594 seats have individual cupholders, there will be no excuse for somebody to spill a drink."
KIRO 7 TV. NEWS SEATTLE: "The perfect little ball stadium."
"People don't come to the ballpark just to see a ballgame and that's what makes the Giants such a success story." "Now imagine a stadium with cupholders on the back of every seat so you don't spill and make a mess... this is the kind of trade mark the Giants have that make them a success win or lose."
THE LOOP RADIO CHICAGO: "Finally cupholders."
"....what a great surprise on opening day at Comiskey Park to find cupholders on the back of the seats. Finally a place to put your drink instead of all over the floor. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you..."
KING 5 TV. NEWS SEATTLE: "They call it real grass, real sunshine, real baseball and now -real cupholders."
"The giants are excited about fans in the stands and are even more excited about something else in the stands - these nifty cupholders just like at Wrigley Field." "...these cupholders are awesome! You know when you go to the ballgame and set your drink on the floor and it gets knocked over, well, not at Everett Memorial Stadium because they have these fabulous cupholders!"
THE DETROIT FREEPRESS: "Tigers management lets go of one 'tradition' with holders."
"This isn't a big deal, but it was a nice touch on Opening Day that shouldn't go unnoticed. The Tigers have installed beverage holders on many of the seats at Tiger Stadium. That means you won't kick over your soft drink in the first inning, wade through the sticky mess in the third, then collect hotdog wrappers and peanut shells on the bottom of your shoes the rest of the game because of the goo that began as your Diet Coke. I'm pleased to give full credit to the surprisingly enlightened concept of beverage holders."
THE BULLETIN: "Beverage holders... a nice touch."
"...the new seats at the stadium are swell. The reserved seats behind home plate have beverage holders between the back of each seat. Very considerate. This should stop the usual beer or cola spills; it's a nice touch... finally a useful, practical product for sponsorship - thank you Budweiser!"
MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL NEWS: "You know how you feel when you buy a large Pepsi and a couple slices of Alfy's Pizza at the ballpark. You return to your place and put the drink under your seat while you eat - always worrying that you are going to knock it over. Well, Rubatino Refuse Removal has taken care of one of life's little problems with their sponsorship of a new addition to the ballpark this summer - cupholders. These new plastic cupholders, sporting the Rubatino logo, will be placed on the back of the seat in front of you. Your drink can't spill, you can easily reach it, and the cupholder will be placed in such a manner so as not to interfere with your legroom. Isn't that a great idea? Thanks to Rubatino's for sponsoring it."

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