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Sports Mobile Marketing

As interactive sports fans ask for more ways to be engaged in stadiums and arenas, Sports Media answered the call with mobile marketing programs. Mobile marketing can now be activated with several of Sports Media products, including; Jumbotron, concession trays, SM TV Network and the new cup holder Stand In insert. Engage the  fan with coupons, interactive downloads, trivia/voting, contests, interactive picture voting, sponsored game updates, ringtones and wallpapers.


Why Mobile?

Activate fans in their seats

Drive short term sales

Engage fans beyond the stadium

Create ‘live’ loyalty databases Gain immediate metrics for sponsors

Advertising or Promotional


Instant Coupons: Text in for sponsored coupons, Bring coupons to concession stands, store or website for discounts and giveaways, Can be sent as part of a contest or as a stand alone.

Voting/Trivia: Sponsored vote or player of the game
i.e. Select today’s Subway Player of the Game. For Lebron James, text A; for Drew Gooden, text B. Every person who texts in receives a sponsored message back, that could be an ad or a coupon. i.e. “Thanx 4 playing Subway Player of the Game. Show this coupon at the Easton Ave. Subway for a free drink when you buy a meal. Expires 10/14/08” Winner is announced later in game

Live Game Updates: Sponsor live game text updates to subscribers during game with sponsor message in text. 4-5 texts per game
i.e. Brian Griese throws another interception for a td, bears down 14-7. Brought to you by Chicago Tribune, visit for more. Promotional opportunities: Announce at games Post on website Optionally we can build a WAP page for sponsor for an immediate link

Ringtone/Wallpaper Packages: Wallpapers that includes sponsor logo or sponsored ringtones. Different wallpapers/ringtone for each game, each sponsor. Download page on web or wap includes sponsor message. Associate a discount, i.e. anyone who shows the wallpaper when they enter the gate gets a coupon for a free item
Sports Media creates the wallpapers/ringtones and hosts the download pages Promotional opportunities: Announce at games
Promote on Jumbotron

Instant Win/Sweepstakes: Text to win contests i.e. text in now to win a free ford car text your answer to a trivia question to win a year free DirecTV - Sports Media Mobile is the exclusive mobile provider for ePrize the leading instant win/sweepstakes company in the US Sports Media Mobile will handle all legal, and regulatory issues.

Mobile Website (WAPsites): Can be setup in conjunction with any program. Drives people to sponsored content. Why can’t people use our regular websites on their phones? Not designed for “thumb browsing”, Doesn’t automatically fit to screen.

Picture Vote: Fans are invited to send in picture messages with the funniest picture of themselves to win fan of the game.
Moderator selects and posts top pictures to big screen. Fans vote on top picture, person with most votes is called up and wins. Sponsors get logo shown during picture vote. Sponsored text messages sent to voters and contestants.

Interactive Downloads: Download videos of team clips, pictures of cheerleaders and players. Can combine with a contest
i.e. vote for play of the week, favorite cheerleader etc. Announce the downloads at the games. Sponsors can place banner ads on mobile download site.

Shout Out Contests: People in stands are asked to text in something to enter into a contest. i.e. send your friends a shout out on the big screen and you’ll be entered to win a free itunes gift certificate. Fans send in Messages that are displayed next to a prominently featured sponsor logo. i.e. Lets go VC! -John. Every person who texts in receives a sponsored message back. i.e. “Thank you for participating in the Ford team support board. Learn more at”. Can be setup to send back a code that can be checked online or via a mobile website. Messages are automatically filtered for inappropriate language.



Pricing is a flat fee of 15% of the total media buy regardless of the number of text messages sent or received, a one time set up fee of $350.00 and sponsor keeps the database for additional marketing.


Fantastic interactive marketing!

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