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Media Kit Printable

  1. Cup Holders Sponsorship

        a. CPM, CPI, ROI calculator

            1. CPM, CPI, ROI Printable .PDF

        b. Stadium Cup Holder Sponsorship PowerPoint Preview

            1. Cup Holder Preview Printable .PDF

        c. Cup Holder Sponsorship Full PowerPoint

            1. Cup Holder Sponsorship Printable .PDF

      d. Sponsors Value Added Service Wish List

       e. Rate Card Cup Holders

2. Grocery Store Cart Caddy

        a.   Brochure

3. 3D Souvenir Collectors Cup

           a. Rate Card 3D Cups

           b. Lid Price List

           c. Straw Prices

           d. Art Specifications

           e. Packaging Specifications

4. 3D Graphics Billboard

           a. File Specifications

           b. Cost and Size

5. Sports Media On-line Advertising Portal


        a. Ad Space Listing & Auction

6. Presentation

        a. Retail 3D Cup and Cup Holder

        b. Advertising Proposal Cupholder  (Word Document)

        c. E-Mail Advertising Proposal Cupholder (PDF)

7. Security and Interactive Advertising Cups

        a. Coming in 2004

8. Demographics

        a. Arenas

        b. Ballparks

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