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(309) 755-6557 Lenticular Cup Art Specifications


Please refer to our general Lenticular Art Specifications, and particularly those specs for 3D and/or 2-Phase Flips. This information will also apply to art provided for cup wraps.

The following specifications and “Rules of Thumb” apply specifically to cup wrap art.

1) Supplied art should not be rotated for the curvature of the cup. During the art production process, your artwork will be fit to the curvature of the cup by our lenticular artists. The provided art (and more specifically, the background graphics) should, as a minimum, extend past the dieline trim by .25" on the top and bottom and .375" on the left and right. The art needs to be provided as a layered CMYK Photoshop file, with a resolution of 300 dpi and built to the supplied size specs listed above. Photoshop and Illustrator templates are available upon request. If your original art is a layered Illustrator file, you can save time and additional art charges by converting the Illustrator file to a layered Photoshop file before sending it to us. Because the conversion is not an automatic process, this step will insure that the art is layered and appears exactly as you intended, before we do any further manipulation of the file.

*if you wish to supply ready to interlace phases they must be 300 dpi, at the sizes specified above and a sequence of 12 phases

2) The “sweet area” for lenticular effects (both 3D and/or 2-phase flips) is located in the middle/center of the die. (See illustration above) In this area, the lens lenticules are perpendicular to the art AND the cup. As you get further away from this area, the lens lenticules are no longer perpendicular to the die and the lens effect that we count on for 3D and animation is negated to some degree.

3) The curved surface of the cup reduces the lenticular effect. It's best to keep important subjects/logos under 2.5" wide. Any wider than this, and the lens sizing (already compromised due to the differing circumferences of the cup top and bottom) becomes especially apparent.

4) If the design of the cup art has type wrapping around the circumference of the cup, it should not be rasterized. Please leave type as vector art on a separate Photoshop layer. Legal/copyright lines seem to work best along the left or right seam of the cup.

5) Keep in mind as you conceptualize and design the cup art, that 3D with or without 2-Phase Flips works the best. In some cases additional animation effects may also be possible, but their success is art-dependent. Please ask or submit sample art before assuming something will work. We welcome you to provide us with your art before your actual order. Our Lenticular Department will be happy to do a free technical review, and make suggestions that will possibly save you time and money, as well as help you create a product that will be the best that it can be.

Sports Media, Inc. 520 Eighth Street Silvis, IL. 61282 (877) 266-0042


If you have further questions regarding artwork, please contact one of our Sales Representatives.


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