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3D Lenticular Cups  [Print This Brochure] [Photo Gallery]  [Rate Card]

They take it home and keep it forever!

3D Lenticular Plastic Cups by Sports Media are excellent promotional products and high impact collectibles. These dishwasher safe souvenir cups offer 360 viewing with high quality lenticular 3D imaging. Consumers take them home and keep these collectibles forever, giving advertisers and sponsors long lasting brand impressions. Available in 22 oz. and 32 oz. sizes. CD Cup Lids are also available for this product.

Sports Media 32 oz 3D Lenticular Cup

3D Lenticular Cups offer a unique and creative delivery methods to:
Create Brand Identification,
Brand Loyalty,
And Brand Activation,
With Measurable Result

Advertising Benefits

  •       High visibility and exposure product

  •       Effective advertising and branding medium

  •       High-end promotional items and durable, long-lasting collectibles

  •       Branding impression initiated by beverage consumption

  •       Build relationships directly with consumers

  •       Ability to further reach consumers through concession sales

  •       Convenience and cost saving targeting consumers at Point Of Sale

  •       Ability to place multiple brands in campaign with low investment

  •       Adds animation and dimension to create an exciting promotional product

Sports Media 32 oz 3D Lenticular Stadium Cup

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Sports Media 32 oz 3D Lenticular To-Go Cup


High-End Promotional Cup

 3D Lenticular Cups are a great high-end promotional items and long-lasting collectibles. Advertisers add excitement and movement to the cups with 3D, 2 Flip, 3D with Flip, Zoom, Morph, and Full Motion Images. Cups can be fully licensed with:

  •       NASCAR

  •       Major League Baseball

  •       National Football league

  •       National Hockey League

  •       National Basketball Association

  •       Major League Soccer

  •       Arena Football League

  •       MLB Players Association

  •       NFL Players Association

  •       NHL Players Association

  •         NCAA

(Licensing Fees are paid to the respective Licensing Body)

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