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Some Times You Have To Give Up Flashy To Get Results!

Shopping Cart Cupholder advertising has proven to be one of the most appealing and effective ways to reach new customers and build company brands. Cupholders offer high visibility and exposure; Advertisers have a captive audience during shopping.  Cupholders build relationships directly with Consumers, the Retailer and Advertisers. Experience Marketing is a great way to build brand loyalty, and Cupholders also offer a positive experience protecting the Consumers beverage while offering a convenient place to keep coupons, a pen and calculator.                     

Shopping Cart Cupholders Advertising

Shopping Cart Cupholders offer a unique and creative delivery methods to:

     Create Brand Identification,

     Brand Loyalty,

   And Brand Activation,

With Measurable Result

Advertising Benefits

  •       High visibility and exposure

  •       Effective advertising and branding medium

  •       Captive audience that creates a positive shopping experience

  •       Multiple impressions initiated by beverage consumption

  •       Build relationships directly with consumers, the Retailer and Advertisers

  •       Ability to further reach consumers through additional promotions

  •       Convenience and cost saving targeting consumers at Point Of Sale

  •       Ability to place multiple brands in campaign with low investment

  •       Supermarket average 763,000 customer visits per year


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Grocery Store Advertising


ability to place multiple brands in campaign with low investment


Consumer Support Data

To further support the benefits stated, two separate research studies conducted throughout the United States in Retail stores with Shopping Cart Cupholders, concluded with the following results:

      92.3% of patrons surveyed, use Cupholders

      Users of the Cupholder looked at the holder an average of 28 times during the consumption of each drink

      88.3% thought the Cupholders were convenient

      96.4% would like Cupholders in other retail outlets

      55% were more inclined to purchase beverages because of the Cupholder

       53% correctly recalled the company advertising on the Cupholder

(Source; Caddy Products, Inc.)

 The Right Audience The Right Place!

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