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Sports Media Product Sampling  [Print This Brochure

Product Sampling In Sports, An Effective Ways To Get Noticed!

  Sports Media has it Ė a way to distribute thousands of samples seamlessly through one marketing platform. Itís one-on-one access to thousands of consumers in the mood to buy. Get up-close and personal with your target audience in Stadiums and Arenas. Product sampling can reach an extremely large audience and be extremely targeted. Stadiums and Arenas are perfect examples of a targeted environment. In fact, Stadiums and Arenas sampling campaigns are always successful.

  Sports Media's brand sampling campaigns place trial-size product samples or take one brochures in the hands of consumers in an unique, memorable, and non-traditional fashion. 

Product Sampling offers the

opportunity to place

Trial-Size Products in the  Hands of

Brand Loyal Sports Fanís.

Creating Higher Activation Rates

with Fast Measurable Results

Advertising And Promotional Benefits

® Creative and innovative method for sponsors to deliver product samples or a targeted message to thousands at sporting events.

® Product samplings and take one brochures increase brand awareness and result in additional sales.

® Sports Media can help you reach thousands of sports loyal interested consumers in a demographic rich environment.

® Product samples or take one brochures are placed directly in front of consumes in cupholders, given on entrance or distributed with street teams.

® Sports Media custom sampling programs include sample fulfillment, and brand experience planning.

® Sports Media offers distribution in Stadiums, Arenas, Universities, and NASCAR.

Print This Brochure

Sampling Information

® Sampling provides a unique moment with consumers here they stop and attend to your product. Evidence suggests these materials add value, and 73 percent of consumers report they always or sometimes look at information that "comes with" their samples.

® Avoid being caught in the "this looks too expensive" trap by failing to look beyond the cost-per-thousand metrics on distribution of the samplesóregardless of the program chosen. To really understand the cost/benefit equation and reach a considered opinion on the value of sampling for your brand, you must look at the value of consumers who experience your program beyond their Inserted in Cupholders trial purchase. Sports Loyal Fanís 

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