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Photo Cup Art Specifications

Sports Media, Inc. suppliers have a complete in-house creative department. Our creative department can design your product or program or we assist your graphic design staff with design ideas. Please see below for our basic art requirements:

Please prepare all art files in .PSD, .TIP, JPG, .EPS, .Al, or any other format that is

compatible with PHOTOSHOP or ILLUSTRATOR. Files can be transported via Email or

downloaded to our FTP site. We also accept files on CDs and Zip Disks.

Keep all Photoshop files on separate layers and at a resolution no lower than 300

DPI at full size.

We prefer to receive files in CMYK color format.

For editing purposes, do not convert text to Graphics.

Include all fonts (printer/screen) in a separate folder.

Keep all type at a minimum of 9 pts for readability purposes under the lens.

Additional charges will apply for the use of stock imagery and the separation of

un-layered files.

If you have further questions regarding artwork, please contact one of our Sales Representatives.


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