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CD Event Tickets

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CD Commemorative Event Ticket

Sports Media enables the advertiser to deliver a new level of marketing and sales programs. This could be in the form of a highly cost effective CD catalog, Internet Transaction Card, Customer Loyalty Card or CD Ticket.

Sports Media offers design, management, and the delivery of turnkey CD and DVD marketing solutions. The ability to uniquely identify each and every disc, opens up a world of possibilities in creating innovative and exciting CD programs while linking the consumer directly to the advertiser.

sports promotions CD Event Ticket

                         CD Tickets offer the opportunity to Combine Video, Music and Sports

 to a Loyal Fan Base,

Creating Higher Response Rates

 and Brand Activation

with Fast Measurable Results

Advertising And Promotional Benefits

® Creative and innovative method for sponsors to deliver a targeted message to thousands of like minded, enthusiastic consumers

® Enhance fan loyalty by delivering an interactive fan appreciation commemorative

® Economical and innovative way to drive web traffic

® Increased interest levels through personalization and superior image quality

® Highly effective advertising and branding medium

® Trackable interactive marketing opportunities

® Media that provides the advertiser a faster response rate and the availability to measure and collect consumer data.

® Track and produce reports on venue/team web activity and gather accurate email database

® Sports Media offers licensing and distribution in Stadiums, Arenas, Universities, NASCAR, Theaters, and Event Marketing

Sports Media CD Event ticket CD Event ticket




The CD Ticket is a non-traditional, emotional media that delivers brand messages to consumers by using sports, music, games, video and other entertainment platforms.


® Complete Content Development

® Exclusive ability to place totally different artwork on each CD

® Capabilities include bar coding, personalization, or serializing

® D1-DVD quality CDís with the capacity to hold 30 minutes of video on a Mini CD

® Track and create reports on CD behavior

® Music download program

® Gift Card technology program

® Licensing available for Sports, Musicians and NASCAR.

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