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CD Credit-Gift Card  [Print This Brochure] [Photo Gallery]  [Rate Card]

CD Financial Transaction Credit or Gift Card*

Sports Media enables the advertiser to deliver a new level of marketing and sales programs. This could be in the form of a highly cost effective CD Gift Card, CD Credit Card, Internet Transaction Card, Customer Loyalty Card or Sports Card. The CD Card is the same size as a standard Credit Card with the added benefit of having a CD that holds 18 MB of standard information or 50 MB compressed information.

Sports Media offers content development, design, management, and the delivery of turnkey CD marketing solutions. Sports Media has the ability to uniquely identify each and every CD with the customers name, account number and a magnetic strip to open up a world of possibilities in creating innovative and exciting CD marketing programs, while linking the consumer directly to the advertiser. Compliance to ISO7810


CD Credit-Gift Cards offers the opportunity to Combine Video, Music,

Games and Sweepstakes with 

Financial Transactions.

Creating Higher Response Rates

 with Fast Measurable Results

Advertising And Promotional Benefits

 Creative and innovative method for sponsors to deliver a targeted message to thousands at sporting events, event marketing or direct mail

 Enhance fan loyalty by delivering an interactive fan appreciation commemorative with the ability to pre load or download funds

 Innovative way to drive web traffic and collect consumer data

 Increased interest levels through Sports Medias exclusive ability to personalize, Serialize and offer superior digital image quality

 The CD Card allows the advertiser to offer sweepstakes, conduct customer surveys or offer coupons, all design to drive traffic to retail outlets or web stores

 The CD Cards are compatible with almost all Magnetic Card Readers, ATMs and CD-Rom drives around the world.

 Sports Media offers sports and music licensing and distribution in Stadiums, Arenas, Universities, NASCAR, Theaters, and Event Marketing






 Financial Transaction Card

 Membership Card

 Gift Card / ATM / Credit Card

 Ticket / Admission / Fan Club Card for Sports, Concert, Amusement Park

 Promotion Card

 Telephone Card

 Customer Response Tracking Card

 Medical and Health Insurance Card

 Car Insurance Card

 Airline Mileage Card

 Coupon / Sweepstakes Card

 Library Card

 Internet Security Card

 Prepaid Debt Card

 Sports / Event / Game Card

 Collectable Card

 Traveler Card

 Hotel Key Card and more

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*This product is not yet available in the United States


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