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File Specifications

File Format PC or Mac
File Resolution 100 dpi - 300 dpi, depending on project
100 dpi for large size lenticular 24" x 24" or larger
300 dpi for small litho lenticular
300 dpi for regular 2D photo printing (LightJet or Lambda)
If you have any questions about image quality, zoom in on screen!
Build files at actual size whenever possible. Large posters may be built at 25% size (400 dpi). Murals and Billboards may be built at 10% size (1000 dpi).
3D Backgrounds Very important. Make all background layers about 1/3 oversize for all 3D images. For example: 24" wide 3D live area needs 32" wide bleed on background level.
Color Space RGB for Photographic printing (large format or LVT)
CMYK for Litho printing
Color Matching Please remember that some PMS and Pantone colors will not exactly match RGB Photo printing or 4 color printing. There is a $50 charge for each color match.
Specifiy in writing if there is a color match.
File Format Photoshop and TIF files work best for lenticular imaging.
3D images should be provided as layered .PSD files. You may have a quantity of 2-99 layers. Animated images may also be provided as layered .PSD files. "Flip" images may be .PSD or .TIF files.
Media / File Transport CD, DVD, Zip (100MB), Jaz (1GB), or FTP
(Do NOT attempt to E-mail a file larger than 3MB.)
Hard Copy Always provide a hard copy print of your file. This may be provided as a laser print, a fax, or a PDF. Note which image is centered on flip/animation projects.
Questions Contact a Sports Media Representatives
Please feel free to call us with any questions about setting up your file correctly.



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