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Size & Cost

You can use the attraction of 3D graphics at any size, from the tiniest Pogs up to gargantuan wall murals and billboards. We will help recommend the right materials for each specific application. Small, hand held pieces usually are printed on fine lens materials at high printing resolutions. Large murals and billboards are usually printed on coarse lens materials at medium printing resolutions.

The lens materials used in lenticular graphics are manufactured in different sizes and thickness. The fine lenses used in high volume lithography printing need to fit through a sheet fed printing press. They are usually very thin and sized up to 28" x 40". (Our new litho sheet size is 47" x 64") The viewing properties of these lenses make them ideal for postcards, retail displays and small posters in high volume. The coarser lenses used in large format 3D are up to .25" thick and sized up to 48" x 96". These lenses make one-of-a-kind posters and displays extremely affordable using our digital photo imaging. You can have 3D and animation graphics much larger than a single 48" x 96" lens. Large murals and billboards are created by tiling multiple panels together. Different design rules apply as the overall sizes change. The experts at will be happy to assist you with design tips and file specifications for any size project.

The same artwork is shown as printed on a 5 x 7 postcard, 
a 24 x 36 poster, and a 12 x 14 backlit mural

The same artwork is shown as printed on a 5" x 7" postcard,
a 24" x 36" poster, and a 12' x 14' backlit mural.


Lenticular Pricing


Lenticular printing prices are determined by three elements:

·                    size

·                    quantity

·                    lens material & thickness

A complete spreadsheet of all pricing possibilities is not possible. But we can offer some guidelines to give you an immediate idea of costs. There is a lot of information here, but we provide it for those who want fast, direct information.


Brief introduction- There are two main methods of printing lenticular / 3D graphics:

·                    Photographic printing – The absolute best in quality. The original computer file is written directly to photographic film with precision lasers. Digital photo printing in RGB provides true, continuous tone printing for the most vibrant images possible. Extremely cost effective for one-off displays and short run projects. (The labor involved in hand mounting photo images often makes this financially impractical for large volume runs.) Because photo prints are hand mounted to lens material, thicker lenses can be used, thus offering much greater depth perception. (More on this under lens comparison.)

·                    Litho printing - The most cost efficient method for high volume projects, usually at smaller sizes. Traditonal method of printing using a sheet fed printing press. Thin sheets of lenticular material are run through the press instead of paper. Printing is applied directly onto lens. Because very thin material may be used, depth effects are sometimes limited. Size limitations also apply. (However, Big3D's new Large Format press offers sheet size 47x64 and .048 thick.) Litho prices and quality vary greatly, so get a sample if you're shopping.


The method of printing will often be influenced by the physical size and quantity of a project.


 The selection of which lens to use is determined by the visual effects desired, physical dimensions, and budgets. Our newest “Super 3D” lens offers the most incredible depth possible (several feet), but the lens is much thicker than other lenses. A lens that is more expensive to manufacture will also cause the final print price to increase.


Actual price examples:


Photographic process - Lenticular


  Interlace – file setup fee

                         Flip 2 images                            $300

                         Flip 3 images                            $450

                         Animation                                 $150 per frame

                         3D depth       .                          $150 per layer ($1,500 max)


  Photographic Printing - Lenticular (1st Print pricing, qty. discounts may apply.)

                       Regular C-Print/Reflective             $50 sq ft

                       Duratrans/Backlit                          $60 sq ft

                       Oversize-larger than 48"                20% premium

                        Large murals – many tiles             $100 sq ft                  


     (1st Print pricing for a one-off piece using the best MicroLens 15 lpi, .098" thick, or 20 lpi, .085” thick, PETG lens. Volume runs may receive substantial discount. Thinner lenses may also reduce pricing. Different lenses are suggested for different sizes and effects.)


Example prices:            
size Quantity price ea lpi thickness      
18x24 1  $       150.00 15 0.098      
24x36 1  $       300.00 15 0.098      
24x36 20  $       225.00 15 0.098 (15% discount)  
36x48 1  $       600.00 15 0.098      
48x72 1  $    1,440.00 15 0.098 (10% oversize premium)  
48x72 100  $       450.00 15 0.098 (volume sheet pricing)  
Litho (Sheet fed) printing   4/0 color        
4x6 1,000  $           1.00 75 0.018 (minimum order)  
4x6 50,000  $           0.34 75 0.018      
4x6 1,000,000  $           0.12 100 0.012      
4x6 1,000,000  $           0.15 60 0.022      
8x10 25,000  $           1.05 75 0.018      
27x39 5,000  $           7.00 60 0.022      
27x39 25,000  $           5.65 60 0.022      
36x48 5,000  $         24.20 60 0.028      
36x48 5,000  $         38.20 50 0.048      
46x62 250  $       192.50 50 0.048      
46x62 1,000  $         77.50 50 0.048  WOW!    
46x62 5,000  $         57.50 50 0.048      

These are just a few examples to give you a reference point. Please call one of our Representatives for a specific quote on your project.

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