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Sports Media CD Event Tickets
Sports Media exclusive ability to place totally different artwork on each and every mini disc makes the previously impossible both practical and affordable. This unique capability has a wide range of applications in sports, entertainment and many other industries.

With the millions and millions of people that attend sporting events or other forms of  large venue entertainment in mind, Sports Media developed the SM Mini CD inserted in 3D cup lids. Event sponsors and venues can now establish a 1-2-1 online relationship with any event attendee. This creates a whole new world of marketing opportunities by placing a targeted, interactive, trackable message in the hands of thousands along with a 3D Souvenir Collectors Cup.

Sports Media CD Event Tickets

Bar coded for Promotions Personalized Commemorative Information Serialized

3D Promotional Cups32 oz promotional 3D cup22 oz 3d promotional stadium cup used for advertising16 oz promotional cup  used in stadiums-arenas and fast food 12 oz kids 3d promotional cup

The Value

Creative and innovative method for sponsors to deliver a targeted message to thousands of like minded, enthusiastic prospects.

 Enhance fan loyalty by delivering an interactive fan appreciation commemorative.

 Direct SM Mini CD relationship established with current and potential customers.

 Track and produce reports on venue/team web activity and gather accurate email database.

Security Solutions

Serialization of selected optical disc media can be used to control who can access data, along with accountability for how it is stored. This track ability helps prevent problems of piracy, theft, loss of production, and loss of sales, by making positive authenticity and ownership easy to establish.

Marketing Opportunities

Personalization can be used to provide consumers with individualized promotional items and even serve as mailing labels. Photos of agents and/or products provide big impact marketing materials, even on a small marketing budget.


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