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Stadium Managers Association                                                        Stadium Managers Association American Association of Advertising Agencies             American Association of Advertising Agencies

International Association of Assembly Managers                                                                     International Association of Assembly Managers 

American Advertising Federation                     American Advertising Federation

European Stadium Managers Association                                                               European Stadium Managers Association 

Ad Council                                    Ad Council

European arena association                                                                            European arena association 

Association of National Advertisers                          Association of National Advertisers

National Independent Concessionaires Association                                                                            National Independent Concessionaires Association 

Outdoor Advertising Association of America

World Council for Venue Management                                                          World Council for Venue Management

                                  Advertising Research Foundation 
United States Olympic Committee

National Association of Concessionaires                                                                  National Association of Concessionaires provides these association links as a convenience to its subscribers and is not an endorsement or to suggest that Sports Media, Inc. may or may not maintains membership in them.


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