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Integrated Sports Marketing brings together the best in digital sports advertising. With the integration of network and cable TV advertising, instadium advertising exposed to television, the internet and mobile marketing rounds out a complete campaign to deliver the sports fan. Stadium/Arena Integrated Marketing Service

Network & Cable

Television along today doesn't cut it when you want to reach brand loyal sports fans. That's way creates integrated marketing strategies that cover TV, in venue advertising with television exposure, the internet and mobile marketing. When sports fans see advertisers message on television that in the game brand loyalty increases 50%.


The entertainment package at stadiums provides creative, high powered, entertainment concepts. 30 second commercials dedicated to offering audiences the best entertainment experience in the sports.


LED signage has proven to offer sponsors a branding vehicle that has the ability to promote optimum logo recall while delivering key messages to the audience throughout the entire season. The sign will be visible from the time the gates open until the last fan leaves, displaying 360 degree messages.

TV Rotational

The premiere signage vehicle in all of professional sports” TV Rotational, Available in MLB, NBA and NHL venues (Subject to league Rules and Regulations, excludes National Broadcasts.

Video Scoreboard

Television commercial spots deliver your message to a captive in-arena audience. In-arena television commercial spots will offer additional support to promote brand recall at games. Scoreboard Signage presents a signage opportunity on the world’s most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, custom-designed scoreboard in the world.


Dasherboard signage delivers the most powerful, high-impact brand exposure to a targeted audience during NHL television broadcasts. Dasher boards provide ice-level advertising alongside non-stop NHL action. The dasherboard signs measure 3 feet in height by 12 feet in length. Dasherboard signage may also be captured in background photography in daily newspapers, magazines and other publications.

Sports Marketing and Advertising on Dasherboards in NHL Sports Marketing Advertising on Jumbotron Video Scoreboard in NBA and NHL


Put Your Brand in the Game!

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