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About Us

Dakdan entertainment is a brand entertainment marketing agency that creates, produces, and distributes television shows over multiple media outlets to maximize brands marketing dollars.

Branded entertainment continues to grow, providing marketers with new opportunities to connect with consumers on new platforms and in new, non-interruptive ways. Dakdan Entertainment does this by leveraging branded concepts inside televison shows. These show concepts are designed to deliver the brands message, sell product, build brand equity, create distinction and produce value by generating demand and securing future earnings for the business. Dakdan entertainment sees the real marketing value it can bring to brands in creating original content marketing programs through the development of creative thinking and customer engagement. 

By creating entertainment brands for clients the programing dakdan entertainment creates validates the idea that advertisers can produce and sponsor original entertainment and own their audience, rather than lease them.

Dakdan entertainment resulting strategy: creation of content that can be applied across many markets and many years, leading to more opportunities to turn brands into true entertainment properties and multiplying marketing dollars substantially long term.


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